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Recent insights for the emerging COVID-19: drug discovery, therapeutic options and vaccine development
  • Yuefei Zhu,
  • Jia Li,
  • zhiqing pang
Yuefei Zhu
Columbia University Medical Center

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jia Li
Macquarie University
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zhiqing pang
Fudan University
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SARS-CoV-2 has been marked as a highly pathogenic coronavirus of COVID-19 disease into the human population, causing over 2.8 million confirmed cases worldwide. As COVID-19 has posed a global threat with significant human casualties and severe economic losses, there is a pressing demand to further understand the current situation and develop rational strategies to contain the drastic spread of the virus. Although there are no specific antiviral therapies that have proven effective in randomized clinical trials, currently, the rapid detection technology along with several promising therapeutics for COVID-19 have mitigated its drastic transmission. Besides, global institutions and corporations have commenced to parse out effective vaccines for the prevention of COVID-19. Herein, the present review will give exhaustive details of extensive researches concerning the drug discovery and therapeutic options for COVID-19 as well as some insightful discussions of the status of COVID-19.