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Multiple Organ Dysfunction Caused by a Ruptured Aortic Sinus Aneurysm: A Case Report
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  • Jingyu Song,
  • You-Dong Wan,
  • Ze Li,
  • Xin-Ting Pan,
  • Liang-Yu Mi,
  • Qing-Yun Zhu
Jingyu Song
The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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You-Dong Wan
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Xin-Ting Pan
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Liang-Yu Mi
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Qing-Yun Zhu
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Background: Aortic sinus aneurysms are congenital malformations that include left, right, and non-coronary sinus aneurysms. Rupture of non-coronary sinus aneurysms is rare; however, the scope of complications may not be fully understood due to the rarity of this situation. This report presents a rare case of multiple organ dysfunction caused by a ruptured non-coronary sinus aneurysm. To the best of our knowledge, no relevant report has been published on aortic sinus aneurysms that lead to multiple organ dysfunction. Case report: A 26-year-old woman presented with cough, sputum, nausea, and vomiting over three days. Computed tomography revealed thickening of the right lung texture and right pleural effusion. No obvious abnormality was found on cardiac ultrasound. After admission, the patient’s symptoms worsened, and her heart, liver, and kidney functions gradually deteriorated. After a physical examination and cardiac ultrasound examination, it was discovered that the aorta had a non-coronary sinus rupture that entered the right atrium. On the basis of these findings, we surgically repaired the aortic sinus, resulting in the patient’s dramatic recovery. The heart, liver, and kidney functions dramatically improved. Conclusion: A ruptured aortic sinus aneurysm can induce heart, liver, and kidney dysfunction or even failure, and this multi-organ dysfunction can be alleviated by repairing the ruptured aortic sinus aneurysm. After a ruptured aortic sinus aneurysm has been identified, surgery should be performed as soon as possible to prevent further complications.