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Ward management practice in Gastrointestinal Surgical Ward During the COVID-19 Epidemic
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  • Liren Wang,
  • Shuguang Li,
  • Hong Jiang

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Liren Wang
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Shuguang Li
Huashan Hospital Fudan University
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Hong Jiang
Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University
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Objective During the epidemic of COVID-19, efficient ward management is an important part of preventing nosocomial infection while ensuring the medical works properly without any Covid-19 case. Method Ward management practice was updated, including optimizing the personnel access processes and strengthening infection control procedures in the gastrointestinal surgery ward during Jan. 23 to Mar. 15, 2020. Results With 43 beds open, 192 patients were treated, 72 were operated on, 89 received chemotherapy after surgery, and 187 were discharged from hospital. All patients achieved the expected recovery, and none of these patients, their families,or medical staff were infected. Conclusion Ward management based on low and guidelines during the COVID-19 epidemic is an effective measure to limit infection spread within the hospital and to healthcare workers.