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Split Air Conditioners and their role in Airborne Infection Spread.    
  • Raja Singh
Raja Singh
School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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As the World Health Organization denies COVID 19 being airborne in nature, there is some research done by the scientific community which differs in this approach. As prevention is always better than cure, it is always safe to give the benefit of doubt to prevention. Even as more data begins to be available regarding COVID, there is proven spread of airborne disease like tuberculosis being transmitted by this route. As the summer months approach, there will be increased use of Air Conditioners in the tropical regions of the world. India, too being in this part of the world sees an active rise in the indoors which are being air conditioned to meet the thermal comfort requirements of the rising urban population which is spending a large chunk of time indoors. This is coupled with the enforced lockdown which encourages people to stay indoors to prevent the spread of infection. In such situations the use of Split air conditioner requires rethinking as they re-circulate the indoor air without any Fresh air supply into the room. To reduce heat gain and save the electric load of the Split AC, people tend to seal the windows further. This requires some rethought by professionals.