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Atomic structure of Co92-xBxTa8 glassy alloys studied by ab initio molecular dynamics simulations
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  • Di Ma,
  • Jing Zhang,
  • Yaxin Di,
  • Jianfeng Wang,
  • Shaokang Guan,
  • Tao Zhang
Di Ma
Zhengzhou University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jing Zhang
Zhengzhou University
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Yaxin Di
Zhengzhou University
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Jianfeng Wang
Zhengzhou University
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Shaokang Guan
Zhengzhou University
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Tao Zhang
Beihang University
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The ab initio molecular dynamics simulations are performed to study the atomic structures of Co92-xBxTa8 (x = 30, 32.5, 35, 37.5, at.%) glassy alloys. The result shows that the local packing of B-centered clusters is more efficient than that for Co- and Ta-centered clusters. It is also found that B-centered clusters are the primary structure-forming clusters. The Kasper polyhedra with a Voronoi index of <0 3 6 0> and <0 2 8 0> are dominant in B-centered clusters. Specially, the <0 3 6 0> clusters can form a robust network structure, which plays a key role in mechanical properties. Such a network structure has a higher activation barrier for structural rearrangement and a better resist to plastic flow. Thus, the increase in the fraction of <0 3 6 0> with B content would result in an increase in yield strength as well as a sharp decrease in compression plasticity.
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