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Evaluation the Effect of Different Soil Amendments on Physicochemical Property of Soda Saline-alkali Soil and Crop Yield in Northeast of China
  • Fan Xiao,
  • Hong bin Wang,
  • Bei bei Zhou
Fan Xiao
Xi’an University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hong bin Wang
Jilin Agricultural University
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Bei bei Zhou
Xi’an University of Technology
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Soil amendment is one of the most effective method to improve saline-alkali soil. In this paper, we verify the effect of 13 kinds of amendments and its combination on soil pH、metal cations content、exchangeable Na+、exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP)in the lab, and then choose the most 5 effective amendments both applying in both dry and paddy field to evaluate their improvement on soda saline-alkali soil and crop yield. The results showed that AL, AL + Z and AL + ZH treatments could significantly reduce the pH in soil solution and increase the content of metal cations. Z and ZH treatments could adsorb metal cations in soil. Whether in dry or paddy fields, all treatments could reduce the content of exchangeable Na+ in soil, and decrease by 38.62% - 61.33% and 25.24% -71.53%, respectively; All treatments could reduce soil exchangeable sodium percentage, and decrease by 0.14 - 0.22 and 0.14 - 0.41, respectively; AL, AL+Z and AL+ZH treatments could improve soil organic matter content; All treatments could effectively improve the yield of crops, and increase 23.98% - 60.75% and 52.51% - 260.21%, respectively. The effect of AL treatment was the best in dry field and AL + ZH treatment was the best in paddy field of soda saline-alkali soil.