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Advanced Planning and Designing of Multi-Purpose System of Army Trench Base of Concrete Bunker
  • Vijayvenkatesh Chandrasekaran
Vijayvenkatesh Chandrasekaran
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This project paper says about advance planning and designing of multi- Purpose system of army trench base of concrete bunkers is assort of most superior of and 24 hours activations functions of a line of controls. It’s the most purposes full planning evaluations of military defense barricades, these designed to prevent the soldier’s in high impact explosions systems. Its the largest part of pre-effective functions can be used and large internal missile and ammunition storages. In our project planning’s is limit state design method is used. It’s highly economical and safe. And planning and high safe design. The design is done by according to IS (456-2000) the structural members are designed using HYSD rods with Fe-500 grade of steel and M-30 grade concrete. Here its followed by the framed rectangular planned structures are made up of the concrete retaining wall and it’s connected to raft foundation. And the required planning area of the plot is (57x22) sq feet. With a space of required capacity of storage ammunition and radar inspection. It’s a structural system, very strong and durable design propose and high lateral impact resistant and safety with invisible appearances.