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FROM ELECTRICA TO INVARIANT AUTOMATICA (Or how to use the concept Electrical Energy for enter into Theory of Invariant Automatic Control). PART ONE. SYSTEM AND INVARIANT ELECTRIC MODEL
  • Milan Stankov
Milan Stankov
Technical University of Sofia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this first part, this article defines the concept of energy as a fundamental measure of the existence of matter and on that basis defines the concept of a system solely as a pair consisting of an energy source and an energy consumer. The notion of an invariant controlled system is introduced and its modeling by means of an RLC system determines the energy equations in a stable and transitive state of this invariant system. In the second part of the article with subtitle Electromechanical Dualism. The Universality of Energetic Equations, with the help of modern altebra, is proved the versatility of the electrical model of the system. The article offers a new philosophy of the concept of control in the general dialectical sense of the word.