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Novel Hysteropexy Technique: Sacrouterine Tape Simulation
  • Serdar Aydın
Serdar Aydın
Bezmialem Vakif University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sacrohysteropexy procedures require advanced suturing and dissection skills and are associated with complications such as mesh exposure, dyspareunia, ileus, de novo bowel dysfunction. New technique is composed of insertion of mid-urethral sling tape into the cervix vaginally and suspend of uterus bilaterally via free arms of tape under the peritoneal tunnel formed with the aid of modified semicircular disposable grasper. This novel hysteropexy technique is an easy, feasible and minimally invasive way to correct primarily apical or multicompartment defects with the advantages of a minimal mesh load, short operation time and anatomical result that mimics the normal sacrouterine ligament.