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An Innovative Technique of Laparoscopic Knot Tying
  • Forough Radfar,
  • Mohammad Zeinalddin,
  • Moein Zeinalddin
Forough Radfar
Diwan of the Royal Court

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mohammad Zeinalddin
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Moein Zeinalddin
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Objective: To introduce an innovative laparoscopic knot tying technique, designed to be ergonomically more suitable, easier to learn and safer for patient and surgeon, than traditional knot tying techniques for minimally invasive surgery. Design: A qualitative, explanatory research design is used to describe a new technique of laparoscopic knot tying. Method: Various knot tying techniques (laparoscopic knots, surgical knots, knitting knots, fishing knots, and sailor’s knots) were reviewed Conclusion: Radfar’s laparoscopic knot tying technique is introduced taking into consideration: • Improve ergonomics • Accurate Knot reproducible • Knot security • Decrease trauma to patient and surgeon • decrease foreign-body reaction