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  • Iwan Kurniawan,
  • Yohanes Yohanes,
  • Fauzi Fauzi,
  • Fadel Fadel
Iwan Kurniawan
Universitas Riau, Universitas Riau

Corresponding Author:iwan.kurniawan@lecturer.unri.ac.id

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Yohanes Yohanes
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Fauzi Fauzi
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Fadel Fadel
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The hybrid turbine for VAWTs has been widely investigated by researchers around in the world. Whereas hybrid turbines for HAWTs especially the venturi turbine and propeller turbine have never been examined. This study aims to obtain the characteristics of hybrid horizontal axis turbine that combine propeller turbine and venturi turbine on a single shaft have been proposed as a way of combining the excellent starting torque, low cut in, while propeller turbine with the high operational efficiency, poor with turbulent flows. The study was conducted experimentally. There are two parameters of the turbine to be tested, the first being the effect of the diameter of the wind turbine propeller on the venturi diameter of the wind turbine. The second is the pitch angle of propeller turbine. The results of tests conducted, obtained an increase in power from hybrid wind turbine compared to wind turbine propeller.