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Systematic Mapping Study: Augmenting Personal Software Process Analysis For Extreme Programming Teams
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  • Abdul Razzaq,
  • Shahbaz Ahmad,
  • Asim Khalil,
  • Soban Ahmad
Abdul Razzaq
Zhejiang University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shahbaz Ahmad
International Islamic University
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Asim Khalil
International Islamic University
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Soban Ahmad
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The Personal Software Process offers individuals with a self-controlled structure for doing a job. To improve individual and team ability is a crucial source of productivity and quality. Measuring an individual's performance is a challenging task in an agile environment as individuals work on several projects at the same time. No specific criteria exist, which gives personal growth in agile XP. This research study is based on an idea to align the personal software process with agile extreme programming and propose a new model for an individual's professional growth measurement. An evidence-based case study is conducted to accumulate knowledge about the measurement of an individual's performance in the agile extreme programming team. In this study, systematic mapping is used to collect issues in existing literature. The reason for systematic mapping is needed to recap the enhancement and need to classify the holes also requirements for upcoming studies related to agile with process improvement. This study supports to realize the variance between SPS and XP. This scientist mapping makes mindfulness for the procedure improvement with a mix of SPS and XP. We also proposed a solution model which we have implemented in our research.