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Study and assembly of Quadrotor UAV for telecommunication applications
  • hicham megnafi,
  • Walid Yassine Medjati
hicham megnafi
Abou Bekr Belkaid University Tlemcen Faculty of Technology

Corresponding Author:megnafi.hicham@gmail.com

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Walid Yassine Medjati
Airbus Operations GmbH
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UAVs are defined to be aerial vehicles controlled without humans onboard and are used in a large array of missions where tasks automation and human user protection are necessary. The use of UAVs is growing quickly increasing in many application domains as military surveillance, military fight, and frameworks monitoring…etc. UAVs can carry multiple devices in order to execute these functions like cameras, weapons, and equipment of chemical and biological detection. Nowadays, the development of UAVs became the centre of interest of many research workers who are looking to explore its fields of application. There is currently a large array of projects and research subjects emerging in this field. Our work revolves around an assembly and configuration of Quadrotor Drones in telecommunication inspections operations of transmission networks because of their easiest construction and their rapidly services. The user of the realized UAV can control and schedule the operation so intuitive thanks to its graphic control interface.