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Resin distribution in axial and circumferential directions of self-wiping co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder
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  • Kentaro Taki,
  • Shin-ichiro Tanifuji,
  • Masatoshi Ohara,
  • Takemasa Sugiyama,
  • Sho Umemoto,
  • Yuya Obata,
  • Jun-ichi Murata,
  • Isao Tsujimura,
  • Shin-ichi Kihara
Kentaro Taki
Kanazawa University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shin-ichiro Tanifuji
HASL co ltd
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Masatoshi Ohara
Toshiba Machine Co Ltd
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Takemasa Sugiyama
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Sho Umemoto
Kanazawa University Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
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Yuya Obata
Kanazawa University
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Jun-ichi Murata
Kaneka Corporation
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Isao Tsujimura
Kaneka Corporation
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Shin-ichi Kihara
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A self-wiping co-rotating twin-screw extruder (TSE) is operated in a starved state where the screws are partially filled with resin. Understanding resin distribution on the screw surface is essential for the design, operation, and maintenance of the twin-screw extrusion process. In this study, the circumferential and axial distribution of pressure, temperature, and resin in a TSE are calculated using a novel method combining the mathematical formulation of Hele–Shaw flow, the finite element method, and a newly developed down-wind pressure update scheme. The experimental results were in good agreement with the measured results. This calculation method enables us to visualize, in detail, the resin distribution, pressure, and temperature for the entire axial and circumferential direction over the TSE.
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