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Implementation of an Automatic Side Stand Retractor for Cardinal Motorcycle using Embedded Controller
  • Md. Fatin Ishraque,
  • Sk. A. Shezan,
  • Md. Shafiul Islam
Md. Fatin Ishraque
Varendra University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sk. A. Shezan
RMIT University
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Md. Shafiul Islam
Varendra University
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This paper presents an automatic side stand retractor to ensure the safety of the motorcycle. Many motorcycle accidents take place due to the wrong position of side stand. The automatic side stands retractor prevents the starting of the motorcycle for ensuring safety. The proposed system uses an embedded controller, reed switch sensor, permanent magnet, buzzer and relay. The embedded controller detects the position of side stand using a reed sensor and a permanent magnet attached to it. Then embedded controller breaks the ignition circuit of the motorcycle using a relay in case of the wrong position of the side stand. A buzzer makes a sound to notify the rider to retract the side stand. This system is tested in motorcycle and the obtained result shows the effectiveness of the system for the safety of the motorcycle. The device not only ensure the safety of the driver but also ensure the mobility of the whole system of the motorcycle.