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Non-Hermitian quantum physics in cerebral dynamics: Preliminary results
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We propose that cerebral dynamics can be considered as a non-Hermitian quantum system which during a short interval of the cardiac cycle has real eigenvalues. We show that driving the system into PT symmetry is only possible with the help of the active matter changing from a laminar flow into a Ceilidh dance-like flow. During this change, the flow experiences  a transition from broken to unbroken PT symmetries which results in a topological phase. The topological phase is then imparted onto the topological defects which are an essential part of this Ceilidh dance flow. This so-called topological braid could be the basis of topological computing in the brain. Our recent experimental findings in conscious humans have shown that the predicted PT symmetry changes may exist. This is important because it is also related to consciousness underpinning  the computational aspect of the phenomenon.