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Unified Model of Gravitational And High Energy Particle Physics In A Euclidean Space of Lagrangians.
  • Hontas Farmer
Hontas Farmer
College of DuPage

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Presenting a unified description of high energy particle physics and gravitational physics. This model is both fully relativistic and fully quantum field theoretical. A space of Lagrangians is constructed. In this space of Lagrangians a differential equation is defined which will give the specific Lagrangians for gravity and elementary particle physics in various universes. From this a unified Lagrangian for the laws of physics in our universe is derived. Then the action S and generating functional for field interactions Z is computed. The integrals are done analytically and shown to not lead to infinities at high energies. With the generating functional Z the interaction between a gravitational wave and a simple particle physics experiment are calculated. It is shown that the laws of physics we know are recoverable from this model. It also makes robust predictions about higher energy physics. It is shown that this model applied to the big bang itself can give us a CMB as we currently observe it. A further experiment to test this model is proposed. This model is presented in hopes our colleagues in experimental physics will put it to the test.