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I’m Annette Thomas, the CEO of the Scientific & Academic Research division at Clarivate Analytics and previously the CEO at Nature Publishing Group. Ask me anything about the Future of the Web of Science and our recent acquisition of Kopernio. AMA!
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In 2016, Web of Science (WoS) was sold to private equity and incorporated into Clarivate Analytics. Our vision for WoS is both ambitious and long-term. When used responsibly scientometrics and bibliometrics offer vital measures of scientific and research output and impact. The Journal Impact Factor, derived from WoS data, is one metric that is particularly valued. But it is not, and should not, be the only measure. For years, these limitations have encouraged healthy debate among the academic community, which has spurred the development of additional ranking platforms that have varied in accuracy. I believe that our history, expertise, and—most importantly—publisher-neutral status perfectly positions WoS to advance the field of scientometrics. And that is exactly what we’re setting out to do. In February, we re-established the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), which will act as a think-tank, to identify gaps in and explore new ways to enhance scientometrics. Today, Clarivate Analytics announced the acquisition of Kopernio, the definitive publisher-neutral platform for research workflow and analysis for scientific researchers, publishers and institutions worldwide. Kopernio’s vision is to legally provide one-click access to millions of journal articles and academic research papers across the globe, dramatically improving and facilitating access to scientific knowledge. Not only will it revolutionize how academics access research papers, it will also provide unprecedented insights for institutions and publishers into how academics consume this research. These kind of data could feed into article-level scientometric analysis that could, one day, produce a novel way to measure research impact. The path of scientific discovery is long, and every now and then this path is punctuated by a eureka moment. A breakthrough. Today, I’m excited because I believe we are at a new dawn for scientometrics… I’ll be back at 1 pm EDT (6 pm GMT) to answer questions. UPDATE I think our time is nearly up! Thanks everyone for your questions, they’ve been great! I’m happy to come back later and respond to anything I’ve missed. Where has the time gone? You can find out more about our Kopernio acquisition here: https://clarivate.com/blog/news/clarivate-analytics-acquires-research-startup-kopernio-accelerate-pace-scientific-innovation/