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Science AMA Series: I’m Steve Gardner, CEO of RowAnalytics. I develop tools to find relationships across massive amounts of data (mostly HealthSci but not exclusively) and use A.I. machine learning to do the heavy lifting for me. AMA!
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Our current focus is to solve the data challenge to model diseases the way they actually happen – where multiple factors from genes to lifestyle (how much you drink and smoke) work in parallel to protect or harm. The challenge is to analyze both structured and unstructured data in parallel, from genetic sequences to MRI (or other clinical scans) and to do so across large populations of diseased patients plus healthy controls to inform treatment for an individual based on his/her own unique profile. The computational challenge is massive given the exponential number of data combinations that need to be analyzed. I’ve also been applying artificial intelligence & machine-learning to develop knowledge graphs and semantic search tools to enable automated discovery of related concepts versus the traditional approach of applying keywords to search queries. I have designed, built and brought to market a number of innovative and commercially successful products to support drug discovery and clinical informatics. I am a serial entrepreneur with numerous patents and occasional angel investor specializing in informatics with a strong track record of building world-class companies, teams and products. I’d welcome your question on any of these topics above or to simply lend my experience and best practices for your professional development. AMA! My technical expertise is in: Hyper-combinatorial Multi-omics analytics Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Precision Medicine Semantic Search and Knowledge Graphs Artificial intelligence (AI) and Data Science Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Internet of Things (IoT)