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Science AMA Series: We are Professor Tim Lenton and Dr Damien Mansell from the University of Exeter, here to answer your questions on Solutions to Climate Change. AMA!
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Hello, we are Professor Tim Lenton and Dr Damien Mansell, climate scientists from the University of Exeter. Together, our research looks into the science of Climate Change. We’re also passionate educators and have, for the last 5 years, produced free online courses that look at the Challenges and Solutions of climate change. It can be easy to feel disillusioned by climate change and as if there is nothing we can do, but that’s not true and there are many ways we can take action into our own hands. Tim: My research has looked at the evolution of the Earth System and, in particular, tipping points in the climate system. I’ve recently begun focussing on detecting early warning signals for these tipping points. If we are able to detect when a system is close to tipping, we can better assess the solutions that can prevent catastrophic climate change or reduce the impacts. Damien: I study the contemporary cryosphere (the world’s ice) and how this is changing with recent climate warming. My research uses satellite data and the development of new remote sensing techniques to study cryosphere instabilities. I’m also interested in the use of technology in teaching and education, from developing virtual field trips to these online courses. Our new course ‘Climate Change: Solutions’ discusses and applies the theme of Climate Action to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We look at a range of solutions, from changing the way we produce energy to the way we farm, and explore where different options might be viable around the world. In particular, we’ll be focussing on the SDGs of Life below Water, Life on Land and Sustainable Cities and Communities. In this AMA, we will be joined by our facilitator team from the University of Exeter to help answer your burning questions about all things solutions! Ask us anything! We’ll be back at 11:00 am ET to answer your questions, Ask us anything!