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AAAS AMA: Hi, we’re scientists who study how technology affects voter participation. As us anything!
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At the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, we will be delivering a presentation entitled “Research and Policy on Voter ID Laws and Voter Participation.” During that session, we’ll discuss the science on voter suppression, the statistical impact of voter ID laws, and procedures for assuring that all eligible voters have a chance to vote. David Marker will describe how as expert witness survey data were included, or excluded, in Voter ID cases in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Alabama. Paul Gronke will discuss the procedures states are implementing to maximize the chance that eligible voters will indeed be able to vote. If you have a question about how states are using technology either to boost or suppress voter participation, ask us anything! Participants: Paul Gronke, professor of political science, director of the Early Voting Information Center, Reed College, Portland, Ore. Automatic Works: The Gains to Voter Registration and Turnout from Oregon Motor Voter David Marker, senior statistician, Westat, Rockville, Md. Making Sure the Data are Heard: Expert Statistical Testimony in Voter ID Trials