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Science AMA Series: I’m Charles Day, the editor-in- chief of Physics Today magazine and a former X-ray astronomer. AMA!
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Hello Reddit! I’m Charles Day and I’m the editor-in- chief of Physics Today. The magazine goes out every month to the 100,000 members of the 10 professional societies that belong to the American Institute of Physics. We cover all of physics and its related sciences at a technical level that all physicists can understand. Physics Today also has a comprehensive website, which I encourage you to visit, and a thriving presence on social media. My main responsibilities as editor-in- chief include identifying topics and authors for our expert-written feature articles, editing news stories, writing a monthly editorial, and managing a team of 10 editors. Before I joined Physics Today I worked as an X-ray astronomer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, where helped to run two satellite observatories, ASCA and RXTE. I also studied the million-degree plasmas that swirl around black holes and neutron stars. I’m happy to answer questions about physics, science journalism, the impact of physics on society and the portrayal of physics in the media. I’ll start fielding questions at 1pm EST. AMA!