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Science Discussion: Net Neutrality
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Welcome to our new semi-regular Science Issues Discussion. This month, the discussion topic is net neutrality and potential impacts on science, science communication, education, and and informed citizenry. Some example concerns are: How will this impact scientists’ abilities to collaborate on projects? How will this impact citizen science initiatives? Will this exacerbate the relationship between income levels and access to scientific knowledge? How will this impact science communication and journals - especially open access journals? How will this impact start-ups and smaller private scientific enterprises? To guide us in this discussion we have invited Ryan Singel (u/ryansingel2) who is a Media and Strategy Fellow at Stanford Law School and represented start-ups at a meeting with then FCC chairman Tom Wheeler about net neutrality. Ryan Singel covered net neutrality (and more) for Wired from 2002 to 2012. He left Wired to found Contextly, an engagement platform for publishers. He’s now a Media and Strategy Fellow at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society focussing on net neutrality and the CEO of Contextly. You are welcome to ask Ryan questions directly but we also invite him to engage with ongoing discussions where he can lend his expertise and share his thoughts. Science Issue Discussions are more relaxed formats than AMAs. We encourage you to bring your own personal experience - especially those of you who have flair in our sub and can speak to how this topic impacts your own field of study. Anecdotes and personal narratives are permitted. However, we still maintain strict rules about commenting and we do not permit rudeness, hateful or angry comments, bigotry, doxing, or witch hunts. Your comments should be related to the topic of the discussion and not jokes, memes, or pop culture references. No pseudoscience and this is not the place for grandstanding or big political arguments. Failure to adhere to these rules will have your comments removed and you risk being banned.