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I'm Aydogan Ozcan, professor at UCLA. I work on the use of optics and light for biomedical imaging, diagnostics, and environmental monitoring. AMA!
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Hello, Reddit! My name is Aydogan Ozcan, and I am currently a Chancellor’s Professor at UCLA, in Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Bioengineering. I am also an HHMI Professor at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, an Associate Director of the California NanoSystems Institute, and a Fellow of SPIE, IEEE, OSA, AIMBE, RSC and the Guggenheim Foundation. My research focuses on the use of computation/algorithms to create new optical microscopy, sensing, and diagnostic techniques, significantly improving measurement existing tools for probing micro- and nano-objects while also simplifying the designs of these analysis tools. Some examples include smartphone-based microscopes, cell counters, diagnostic test readers, bacteria sensors, blood analyzers, allergen detectors, heavy metal sensors among others. I have authored, and will be presenting, multiple papers on these technologies at SPIE Photonics West in February 2018. More information about this conference can be found here. Let’s get the discussion started. I’ll be back at 2 pm Et to answer your questions, Ask me anything