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PLOS Science Wednesday: Hi reddit, my name is Lillian and my research in PLOS Biology shows how temperature shapes mosquito and malaria parasite traits – Ask Me Anything!
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Hi Reddit, My name is Lillian L. M. Shapiro and I am a postdoctoral scientist at Vanderbilt University. My research focuses on how environmental changes affect the biology of mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit. I recently published a methods & resources study titled “Quantifying the effects of temperature on mosquito and parasite traits that determine the transmission potential of human malaria” in PLOS Biology. This work was part of my PhD studies and concerns how temperature shapes mosquito and malaria parasite traits, and how changes in these traits impact malaria transmission. We found that warmer temperatures increase the potential of malaria transmission up to about 26ºC (79ºF), but temperatures hotter than this may actually decrease risk, suggesting that the range where malaria can flourish could shift geographically under predicted climate change scenarios. I will be answering your questions at 1pm ET. Ask me Anything! EDIT: Because this AMA started a little late, I can continue answering questions (today) beyond the normal 2pm ET cutoff, I just might be a little bit slower in responding.