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Hi! I’m Nadieh Bremer, a freelancing dataviz designer (under Visual Cinnamon), focusing on the more “creative” side of visualization & one half of the dataviz collab “data sketches”. Ask Me Anything!
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Corresponding Author:nbremer@thewinnower.com

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Hi fellow dataviz enthusiasts! My name is Nadieh Bremer and these days I freelance as a data visualization designer, under the name of Visual Cinnamon. Since July of 2016 I’ve been doing a personal collaboration with Shirley Wu called data sketches, creating an elaborate visualization ±each month, during which I created works about the words spoken in the LotR movies, all Olympic gold medal winners, the fights in Dragon Ball Z, a “breathing” Earth and more. In 2011 I graduated as an Astronomer (still very much drawn towards the subject, either in data such as in this exoplanet visual and HR-diagram, or in design elements, such as in Royal Constellations). I then became a Data Scientist for Deloitte Consulting where I gradually discovered my passion for the visualization of data (and Self-Organizing Maps), making complex things accesible to non-experts. From December 2014 I finally decided to go heads-on into data visualization, and started freelancing in 2017. I find myself focusing on making non-standard visualizations that convey a lot of information, so people can also find their own stories beyond the general point the visual wants to make, while also being visually appealing to draw people in. But I also like to experiment with web techniques that haven’t quite found their way into dataviz, such as the gooey effect and other experiments And finally, I enjoy diving into the world of data-art every now and then with works such as The art in pi & Marble butterflies I’ll be back at 18:00 CET / 9:00am PST to answer your questions (proof that it’s me)! Update: Here now and answering questions! Update: And done! All questions answered, thanks for tuning in, hope some of the answers were helpful