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AAAS AMA: Hi, we’re Drs. Philippa Benson, Kip Hodges, and Warren Warren, the managing editor and deputy editors of Science Advances. Ask Us Anything!
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Hi Reddit! We’re the editors for Science Advances, an open access journal that accepts longer research articles (up to 6,000 words). Since our launch in February of 2015, we’ve published more than 1,500 papers and have a number of articles with tens (and even hundreds) of thousands of downloads, and hundreds of citations. As we mature as a publication, we continue our interest in areas of great scientific breakthroughs and innovation on both broad and disciplinary-specific levels. The journal is broadly organized in the areas of life and biological sciences, earth and environmental sciences, and physical and materials sciences. This month our publications range from water on the moon to the diverse interests of people who participated in the Women’s March to the internal GPS of seabirds. Feel free to ask us about what makes for a good research article, what topics we’re interested in, what questions we find most intriguing, and anything about open access. We’re also happy to chat about what makes us different and unique as an open access journal of AAAS, and what the editorial process here is like. We have editors Kip and Warren here to answer your questions as well as the managing editor Philippa Benson. What do you want to know about publishing and open access? We’ll be back at 2 pm ET to answer your questions, Ask us anything!