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I'm Elijah Meeks, author of D3.js in Action and Semiotic. I do data visualization at Netflix and used to do it at Stanford in digital humanities. Ask me anything quick before data visualization dies.
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Hi Reddit, I’m Elijah Meeks. I wrote D3.js in Action and I just open sourced Semiotic, a data visualization framework focused on information modeling. I used to do data visualization in the digital humanities, including projects like ORBIS, Kindred Britain and the Digital Gazetteer of the Song Dynasty. Now I work at Netflix visualizing user behavior, algorithm performance and just big data more generally. Lately I’ve been pushing for the community to take a critical look at professional data visualization: how we design roles, how data visualization is seen by leadership and how we evaluate data visualization products. Proof of Life Follow me on Twitter Read my pieces on Medium Some examples of my work: My Blocks A visualization of Archer ORBIS - Geographic and Transportation Data Visualization of the Roman Empire A timeline of US Wars EDIT: Okay I came back and responded to a few more things and it was totally worth it.