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Science AMA Series: Hi Reddit, I’m Sarah Hörst, Professor of Planetary Science at Johns Hopkins University, here to talk about the outer solar system (especially Titan). Ask me anything!
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I am Sarah Hörst, Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. I study planetary atmospheric chemistry and have spent most of my career trying to unravel the mysteries of Saturn’s largest moon Titan and much of my work has been inspired. My group also studies exoplanets, Europa, Saturn, Pluto, and Venus. We are use experiments, models, and analysis of telescope and spacecraft data to improve our understanding of the role atmospheres play in the origin and evolution of life and the habitability of a planet. We are trying to answer questions like how far can organic chemistry proceed in the absence of life? You can learn more about us and our work at www.sarahhorst.com. I hope to answer lots of questions about the solar system and how we study it. I will back at 1 pm ET to answer your questions, See you all soon!