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Science AMA Series: Hi this is Robert Morhard, Corrine Nief, Carlos Barrero Castedo and Jenna Mueller at Duke University, we’re working on developing an ethanol-based treatment for tumor treatment in resource-limited settings. AUA!
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Our recent publication was recently posted here: https://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/6xs76y/duke_university_scientists_have_created_a_lethal/. We’ve been working on this project for three years now and would love to answer any related questions. This project is a combination of global health and biomedical engineering. We’re really excited by our most recent proof-of-concept and are planning more exciting experiments. Feel free to just generally ask about anything biology-related as well. Answering questions will be: Robert Morhard, Robert obtained a BS in Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2012. In 2014 He received an MS in Biomedical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Zurich At Duke he works on developing a low-cost ablative tumor therapy for use in resource-limited settings. Corrine Nief Corrine obtained a BSc in Engineering with minors in Math and Chemistry from Baylor University. She was a summer researcher at Oak Ridge National Lab studying protein structure dynamics with super-computing. Later, she studied mitochondrial protein energetics at The National Institutes of Health. Now at Duke, her research is focused on developing low-cost cancer treatments for cervical and breast cancer. Carlos Barrero Castedo Undergraduate researcher, Duke University Jenna MuellerJenna received a B.S. degree in bioengineering with a minor in global health technologies from Rice University, and completed both an M.S. and Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at Duke University. Currently, Jenna is a postdoctoral researcher, who is interested in the intersection of biomedical engineering and global health. Specifically, she is interested in developing low cost optical devices and therapies to diagnose and treat cervical cancer in resource limited settings. Here is a direct link to our paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-09371-2 Here is a summary of the paper: https://www.acsh.org/news/2017/09/03/ethanol-lethal-injection-tumors-11779 We will be back at 1 pm Et to answer your questions, ask us anything!