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Hi, Reddit! I am Charley Trowbridge, the Director of Peer Review Operations at ACS Publications. Ask me anything about the peer review system from submission to decision across many journals.
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ACS AMA Hey Reddit folks! My name is Charley Trowbridge and I am the Director of Peer Review Operations at the ACS. Along with my group, which consists of 15 team members distributed around the country and the globe, I am responsible for the support and maintenance of the peer review system that the ACS uses for all of its journals and books, and for the administrative support of our ca. 500 worldwide editorial offices. We strive to ensure that submitted content receives swift and thorough review, and are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and policies to make submitting to ACS journals as easy as possible, while maintaining the highest possible quality of review experience. Recently we have also dedicated ourselves to developing the ACS Reviewer Labhttps://www.acsreviewerlab.org/, which is a free online interactive course that we have developed and launched to educate researchers on the principles of quality peer-review. Anyone can take the course, which takes about four hours to complete, in total. You can go through the six modules of the course at your own pace, and have 30 days to complete it. Also, September 11-17 is Peer Review Week - follow the conversations via #PeerRevWk17 on Twitter. I have been at the ACS for 11 years, and have been involved in the development and implementation of web-based peer review for about 16 years. Before coming to the ACS I worked for many of the major science publishers in a variety of roles and capacities, and I have been involved in scholarly publishing for the past 35 years overall. I have a BA in comparative literature, with a concentration in German. I lived and worked in Germany for two years. Ask me anything about the peer review system and process at the ACS, about how we handle submissions, and about how ACS supports authors, reviewers, and editors. I’ll be back at 11am EDT (8am PDT, 3pm UTC) to start answering your questions. Logging in at 11am EDT. Logging off at 12:31pm EDT.