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Hi, Reddit! I am Alexa Billow, a writer for ACS Reactions. Ask me anything about science writing, writing about chemistry as a biologist, or finding your way in a career in scicomm.
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ACS AMA Hi Reddit! I’m Alexa Billow. I’m a writer for ACS Reactions https://www.youtube.com/user/ACSReactions, a YouTube show about chemistry from the American Chemical Society and PBS Digital Studios. We make fun zany videos about everything from the chemistry of wine myths to how astronaut pee could help us get to Mars (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6x54zYuqXk). I’m also a freelance science writer whose work has appeared on SciShow and the Science Magazine YouTube channel and podcast. I’m also working on a new podcast effort for ACS, so if you want to head on over to http://bit.ly/rxnselements and tell us what you’d like to hear, I’d totally love that. I have a master’s degree in molecular biology that was meant to be a Ph.D. until I realized I can’t stand doing research and would rather be writing. That doesn’t mean that research isn’t important–just that people who are more patient than me should be doing it. I moved to Washington for an internship at Science and then joined ACS, and I love getting to write about science every day. Ask me anything about science writing, podcasting, writing about chemistry as a biologist, or finding your way to a career in science communication. I’ll be back at 1pm EDT (10am PDT, 5pm UTC) to start answering your questions. -ACS typeset edits EDIT: I have to run to a meeting! Thanks for all the great questions, everyone.