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We are scientists from NASA and The Washington Post talking about today's eclipse. AMA!
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Happy Eclipse Day r/science! We’re here early to answer any last minute questions you might have about today’s historical event. Here are your AMA eclipse chat hosts: Alexa Halford is a heliophysics scientist originally from Chippewa Falls WI (go Pack go!). She is a prime example of what happens when you go to college in MN and take up space… You become a space physicist. Because she got her PhD in Oz, you sometimes hear her say x,y, zed instead of x,y, zee. Although she has worked on science questions throughout the solar system, today she sticks a bit closer to home studying the Earth’s magnetic field and the impacts of space weather events. She was part of a huge NASA AMA yesterday on the eclipse with a bunch of scientists posting as /u/NASASunEarth. Angela Fritz is The Washington Post’s deputy weather editor and an atmospheric scientist who hails from the city of rock and roll and burning rivers – Cleveland, Ohio. She knew from a young age that weather was her true calling. After receiving a B.S. in meteorology from Valparaiso University and an M.S. in earth and atmospheric science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Angela worked as a meteorologist at CNN in Atlanta and Weather Underground in San Francisco. When she’s not forecasting hurricanes or reading the latest climate science papers, Angela enjoys outdoor adventures, public transportation, and Oxford commas. We’re going to get started at 10 a.m. ET so get those questions ready! AMA! Proof EDIT: And that’s a wrap for now! We may come back later to answer additional questions, but in the meantime, enjoy this historic day, be safe! And if you want more info, follow live coverage from The Washington Post, who is featuring coast-to-coast coverage and a livestream. EDIT 2: One more link: Here is every total solar eclipse happening in your lifetime. Enter your birth year and we’ll tell you when and where.