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I'm Paul Loikith, a meteorologist and a climate scientist from Portland State University, I study extreme temperature and precipitation events in observations and climate models. Ask me anything!
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Extreme temperature and precipitation events are often driven by unusual patterns in atmospheric circulation such as strong high and low pressure systems. Learning about these large-scale meteorological patterns improves our understanding of the physical mechanisms that cause extremes at local scales. Furthermore, because most climate models are challenged at resolving extremes at local scales, we can use the associated large-scale patterns as a way to analyze extremes in all climate models. In the Portland State University Climate Science Lab, one of our main focus areas is on gaining a better understanding of the driving large-scale patterns behind extremes in the historical record. This understanding gives us an observational foundation to evaluate climate model skill and assess projections of future changes in the conditions associated with extreme event. I will be back at 3 pm ET (12 pm PT) to answer your questions, Ask me anything!