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PLOS Science Wednesday: Hi reddit, we’re Dorothee Fischer and David Lombardi, in our recent PLOS ONE study we show why adolescents have a hard time waking up early – they’re the latest chronotype – Ask Us Anything!
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EDIT: David Lombardi will not be joining today’s chat. Hi Reddit, My name is Dorothee Fischer and I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. My research focuses on how to design shift schedules that minimize risks for health and safety using the fact that people sleep and function optimally at very different times of day (they’re different chronotypes). My coauthor, David Lombardi, will be joining me for today’s chat. We recently published a study paper titled “Chronotypes in the US - influence of age and sex” in PLOS ONE. In this study, we found that there are large differences in chronotype among individuals at any age (from 15 to over 80) and that chronotype differs systematically by age such that on average adolescents aged 17-19 are the latest chronotypes in society making it hard for many high school students to accommodate early school start times. If you want to know more, Ask Us Anything at 1pm ET!