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Science AMA Series: We’re Jorge Cham (creator of PhD Comics & PhD in Robotics) & Daniel Whiteson (particle physicist & CERN researcher). We wrote a book called WE HAVE NO IDEA about the biggest unanswered questions in the Universe! Ask us anything!
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Hi, reddit! There are so many things we don’t know about the Universe. For example: What is most of the Universe made of? What is dark matter? Where does dark energy come from? Why does the universe have a speed limit? What (or who) is attacking earth with tiny, super-fast particles? And for that matter…what is matter? After generations of human research, brilliant scientific minds, and crazy technological advances we can confidently answer all of these questions the same way: we have no idea. In our new book WE HAVE NO IDEA: A Guide to the Unknown Universe we talk about why a vast portion of our universe (read: most of it) is still a mystery, and what a lot of smart people are doing to understand it. Ask us about physics, the universe – known and unknown, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (Daniel works with it), illustration (Jorge’s the creator of PHD Comics), science in general, our deepest hopes and fears – in other words…ask us anything! We will be back at 4 pm ET (1 pm PT) to answer your questions.