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I'm Kenny Easwaran, philosopher working on formal epistemology, decision theory, philosophy of mathematics, and social epistemology. AMA.
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I work in areas of formal epistemology, philosophy of mathematics, decision theory, and am increasingly interested in issues of social epistemology and collective action, both as they relate to my earlier areas and in other ways. I’ve done work on various paradoxes of the infinite in probability and decision theory, on the foundations of Bayesianism, on the social epistemology of mathematics, and written one weird paper using metaphysics to derive conclusions about physics. Links of Interest: My research website including links and descriptions to most of my papers. My appearance (in 2015) on Julia Galef’s “Rationally Speaking” podcast, discussing Newcomb’s Paradox, its connection to other issues in decision theory and free will, and what I call a “tragedy of rationality”. A discussion (from 2011) with Jonathan Weisberg about the role of accuracy in constraining beliefs and probabilities, and their connection, on Philosophy TV. The idea of this discussion eventually became my Dr. Truthlove paper in Nous (paper available from Philosophers’ Annual - 10 Best Papers of 2015) My paper “Decision Theory without Representation Theorems”, at the open access journal Philosophers’ Imprint. My old blog, Antimeta, which I ran for several years in graduate school, discussing issues in philosophy of mathematics, probability, and occasionally metaphysics. My posts from the period 2005-2009 on Brian Weatherson’s blog, Thoughts, Arguments, and Rants.