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Science AMA Series: We are the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Europe: Ask us anything about environmental toxicology and chemistry!
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The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Europe is hosting the 28th European annual meeting this week in Rome, Italy and has asked experts from across academia, government and industry to answer questions on an array of environmental issues and human health. We will have experts across a range of environmental science topics, pesticides, chemical risk assessment, microplastics, nanotechnology, personal care products and pharmaceuticals (in the environment), endocrine disruptors, metals in the environment, environmental disasters (such as oil spills), alternatives to animal testing, science communication and many more. – we’ll try to get you the best possible answers according to the latest science. Please do note that we are asking members of the society who represent researchers from a variety of disciplines and sectors; the answers are not official SETAC positions. We encourage discussion and debate! Just please keep it professional. For more information on SETAC go to www.setac.org Post your question and the organizers of the conference will find someone to answer it as soon as possible. Answers to questions will begin at 2 PM CEST, Rome time (1 PM /CET, 8 AM ECT/EDT, 4 AM PST, 7 AM/EST) and continue till 6 PM CEST, Rome time (5 PM/CET, 12 PM ECT/EDT, 8 AM PST, 11 AM/EST), with a few breaks.