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Science AMA Series: Hi Reddit, we’re the pilots of molecule-cars from six countries involved in the smallest car race in history, the NanoCar Race. Ask us anything!
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Hi reddit! The NanoCar Race is an event organized by the CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research, in which molecular machines compete on a nano-sized racetrack. These “NanoCars” or molecule-cars can have real wheels, an actual chassis… and are propelled by the energy of electric pulses! Nothing is visible to the naked eye, however a unique microscope located at the CNRS’s Centre d’élaboration de matériaux et d’études structurales (CEMES) in Toulouse (south-western France) will make it possible to follow the race. The six teams are: -The Green Buggy from Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France): http://nanocar-race.cnrs.fr/equipesen-fr.php -The Swiss Nano Dragster from University of Basel (Switzerland): http://nanocar-race.cnrs.fr/equipesen-ch.php -Dipolar Racer from Rice University (Houston, USA) / Graz Universität (Graz, Austria): http://nanocar-race.cnrs.fr/equipesen-ua.php -Windmil from Technische Universität Dresden (Dresden, Germany): http://nanocar-race.cnrs.fr/equipesen-de.php -NIMS-MANA car from National Institute for Materials Science (Tsukuba, Japan): http://nanocar-race.cnrs.fr/equipesen-jp.php -Ohio Bobcat from Ohio University (Athens, USA): http://nanocar-race.cnrs.fr/equipes-us.php We are also with Claire-Marie Pradier, Scientific Deputy Director at the Institute of Chemistry of the CNRS and with Erik Dujardin, Research Director at CEMES CNRS in Toulouse France, who is heading the group who organized and is hosting the first-ever race of molecular cars. A genuine scientific prowess and an international human adventure, the race is a one-off event, and will be broadcast live on http://nanocar-race.cnrs.fr/indexEnglishLive.php and the NanoCar Race YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/NanoCarRace/live We’ll be back at 11 am EST to answer your questions! AUA! Proof : http://imgur.com/a/1QhWh