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I'm David Chalmers, philosopher interested in consciousness, technology, and many other things. AMA.
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I’m a philosopher at New York University and the Australian National University. I’m interested in consciousness: e.g. the hard problem (see also this TED talk, the science of consciousness, zombies, and panpsychism. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the philosophy of technology: e.g. the extended mind (another TED talk), the singularity, and especially the universe as a simulation and virtual reality. I have a sideline in metaphilosophy: e.g. philosophical progress, verbal disputes, and philosophers’ beliefs. I help run PhilPapers and other online resources. Here’s my website (it was cutting edge in 1995; new version coming soon). Recent Links: “What It’s Like to be a Philosopher” - (my life story) Consciousness and the Universe - (a wide-ranging interview) Reverse Debate on Consciousness - (channeling the other side) The Mind Bleeds into the World: A Conversation with David Chalmers - (issues about VR, AI, and philosophy that I’ve been thinking about recently) OUP Books Oxford University has made some books available at a 30% discount by using promocode AAFLYG6** on the oup.com site. Those titles are: The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory Panpsychism: Contemporary Perspectives The Character of Consciousness Constructing the World AMA Winding up now! Maybe I’ll peek back in to answer some more questions if I get a chance. Thanks for some great discussion!