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Science AMA Series: I’m Dr. Rachel Kowert, a research psychologist, gamer, and parent based in Austin, Texas. I have spent my career studying video games and the gamers who love them. AMA!
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Hi reddit! Over the last 40 years, video games have transformed from a niche market to a multibillion-dollar industry. However, along with their growing popularity has come a growing concern about their ability to transform those who play them into antisocial killing machines who are desensitized to violence, have no friends, and will forever live in their parents’ basements. But are these fears based in reality? Despite the fact that ‘game studies’ as a scientific field has been going strong for the last 20 years, the findings of the research in this field has largely remained insulated within scientific circles and inaccessible to the general public. Furthermore, sensationalized headlines continue to grossly misconstrue what scientific communities know about the science of video game effects. I recently published a new book, A Parent’s Guide to Video Games – The essential guide to understanding the impact of video games on your child’s physical, social, and psychological well-being, in an effort to break the long-standing barriers between science and society and better inform parents about the potential dangers and unique contributions that video games can bring to our everyday lives. Thank you all for your insightful questions! I will check back later and do my best to try and answer them all! I hope that my answers have provided some clarity to the science behind video game effects.