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Science AMA Series: I’m Dr. Dean Elterman, a urologic surgeon at the University Health Network in Toronto. My clinic and research focus are on men’s health, urinary health in both men and women, and prostate health. AMA!
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Hi Reddit! I’m Dr. Dean Elterman, a urologic surgeon at the University Health Network in Toronto. My focus on urology and its related diseases has led me to look more closely at how this field fits with overall male health. I’ve published research showing how the urologic community has a leading role to play in helping define the health issues that face men in the 21st century and improving their health outcomes and mortality rates. There are many factors such as ‘masculine identity’, social determinants and even the Y-chromosome itself that affect men’s health and longevity, and we’ve seen the evidence that up to 80 per cent of men refuse to see a physician until they are convinced by a spouse or partner to do so. The science and medical communities need to find ways to overcome these barriers so men can achieve good health, and one of those ways is through awareness and open discussion which is why I’m excited to host today’s AMA on what you need to know about your prostate health. Information about prostate health has changed a lot over the years. I’m happy to answer your questions about enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, the traditional and new treatments that exist for both, and when to consider having prostate health conversations with your healthcare practitioner. Note that I’m not able to provide medical advice online, but can point you in the direction of valuable online resources. I am live now and answering your questions– Ask me anything! AMA! Thanks very much for your thoughtful questions and for this important discussion. I am now done my AMA session - apologies if I didn’t get to answer your question and thank you for participating! To learn more about my research at the Krembil Research Institute and University of Toronto, [please click here] (https://uofturology.ca/directory/faculty/elterman-dean/). You can read other research I’ve worked on about how men’s health fits with urologic health here.