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Science AMA Series: I’m Thomas Suddendorf, Professor of Psychology at the University of Queensland, Australia. I’m here to answer questions about what makes humans unique. AMA!
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Hi reddit! I am investigating the mental capacities in young children and in animals to answer fundamental questions about the nature and evolution of the human mind. What sets us apart from other animals – and why is there such an apparent gap between us? In 2013, I published my first book, The Gap: The Science of What Separates Us From Other Animals, which explores this topic in detail.   This short video provides a brief introduction to my work and here is a link to a relevant TEDx talk. You can see my latest academic publications on my UQ web page. I’ll be talking about the uniqueness of humans with Professor Helen Christensen and Claudia Hammond at BBC Future’s World Changing Ideas Summit on 15 November in Sydney. The talk will be recorded for BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind and will be available to listen to afterwards.   I will be here to answer questions at 18:00pm EST, 23:00pm GMT. Ask me anything!