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Science AMA Series: Hi, we’re political scientists who study if (and how) people can be persuaded on political topics. Ask us anything!
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Hi reddit! In advance of this year’s national election, AAAS is bringing together scientists who have studied how people make up their minds about political issues and, once their opinions are set, how people can change their views. Science Magazine has published a few articles on this topic in 2016. One paper, by Noah Friedkin, explored the question “how do some beliefs within groups persist in the face of social pressure, whereas others change and, by changing, influence a cascade of other beliefs?” Another written by two of us, David Broockman and Joshua Kalla, describes our field experiment that showed that 1 in 10 Miami voters shifted their attitudes toward transgender individuals and maintained those changed positions for 3 months. We are joined by Drs. Samara Klar and Yanna Krupnikov, authors of “Independent Politics: How American Disdain for Parties Leads to Political Inaction.” In the final weekend before the election, we suspect that many family and friends will be speaking about issues that are important to them. Ask us anything on the science of political persuasion! Dr. David Broockman is Assistant Professor of Political Economy, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University Joshua Kalla is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at University of California, Berkeley Dr. Samara Klar is Assistant Professor of Political Science at University of Arizona. Dr. Yanna Krupnikov is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Stony Brook University. We’ll be back at noon EST (9 am PST, 4 pm UTC) to answer your questions, ask us anything!