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I am Geoff Pynn, philosophy professor at Northern Illinois University. Ask Me Anything.
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I do epistemology and philosophy of language, and I’m the graduate adviser for NIU’s terminal MA program in philosophy. My recent work is on contextualism in epistemology, norms of assertion, and skeptical arguments. I’m now thinking about testimonial injustice and epistemic degradation. I like talking about nearly any philosophical topic! I’ve done a number of Wi-Phi videos, a few of which are part of the knowledge series spearheaded by Jennifer Nagel, who did a fantastic AMA a while ago. Proof: https://www.facebook.com/geoffpynn/posts/10154584960522232 EDIT 5:15pm EST: thanks for all the great questions! There are still a few unanswered & I will try to get to them later tonight. I’ll check back later on as well, so feel free to post more if you’re interested.