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Science AMA Series: We are Yaniv Erlich and Joe Pickrell, researchers building tools like DNA.Land to help you unlock your genome. Ask us anything!
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Hello Reddit! We are: Yaniv Erlich: Professor of computer science at Columbia University and the New York Genome Center Joe Pickrell: Professor of biology at Columbia University and the New York Genome Center We develop new, fun ways to analyze genetic data, which we use to understand aspects of genetic privacy, infer ancient history, improve medicine, and much more. More importantly, we want these tools to be available to everyone, including you. If you have your personal genome data, you can sign up at DNA.Land to contribute to research and learn more about your DNA. If you don’t have your data, you can sign up to get sequenced by our project Seeq. We’re here from at least 1pm-3pm EDT (10 am PST, 6 pm UTC) to answer questions about our studies and about genomics in general! Ask us anything! EDIT: Thanks so much for all the questions, this was a lot of fun! If you’re in NY, come chat more at our free DNA.Land user group meeting next month!