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Science AMA Series: I’m Matt O’Dowd, writer & host of PBS Space time and astrophysics professor at City University of New York where I research black holes, quasars, gravitational lensing, and galaxies. AMA!
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Hey Reddit, I’m Matt O’Dowd, and I’m involved in two grand experiments! The first is to make the best hardcore physics/astrophysics YouTube show in the local universe: PBS Space Time (youtube.com/pbsspacetime)! The second is to use the Hubble Space Telescope and gravitational lensing to understand how the largest black holes in the universe feed and grow via the quasar phenomenon. I just made a mini documentary with AMNH on the project! http://www.amnh.org/explore/science-bulletins I will be back at 12pm (noon) EST to answer your questions, Ask me anything about spacetime, and Space Time. UPDATE: Hey guys, taking a couple of hours break to film an episode (deeper into quantum stuff!) I’ll be back in a while to answer some more questions. http://imgur.com/4vctwe0 UP-UPDATE: It’s 6:30pm EST and I’m back for a few more questions. I think we just shot a pretty great episode… DOWN-UPDATE: OK fair Reddit, I’m calling it a night. But for the sake of my brothers downunder I’ll come back tomorrow morning to answer another smattering. Damn though, it’s been fun. Thanks for the great questions!