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Science AMA Series: We’re weather and climate experts. Ask us anything about the recent string of global temperature records and what they mean for the world!
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Hi, we’re Bernadette Woods Placky and Brian Kahn from Climate Central and Carl Parker, a hurricane specialist from the Weather Channel. The last 11 12 months in a row have been some of the most abnormally warm months the planet has ever experienced and are toeing close to the 1.5°C warming threshold laid out by the United Nations laid out as an important climate milestone. We’ve been keeping an eye on the record-setting temperatures as well as some of the impacts from record-low sea ice to a sudden April meltdown in Greenland to coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef. We’re here to answer your questions about the global warming hot streak the planet is currently on, where we’re headed in the future and our new Twitter hashtag for why these temperatures are #2hot2ignore. We will be back at 3 pm ET to answer your questions, Ask us anything! UPDATE: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released their April global temperature data this afternoon. It was the hottest April on record. Despite only being four months into 2016, there’s a 99 percent chance this will be the hottest year on record. Some food for thought. UPDATE #2: We’ve got to head out for now. Thank you all for the amazing questions. This is a wildly important topic and we’d love to come back and chat about it again sometime. We’ll also be continuing the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #2hot2ignore so if we didn’t answer your question (or you have other ones), feel free to drop us a line over there. Until next time, Carl, Bernadette and Brian