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American Chemical Society AMA: We’re Kevin Wepasnick, scientist and project manager at Anderson Materials Evaluation, and Craig Bettenhausen, associate editor at C&EN. We made helium beer. Ask us anyth
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Hi Reddit! Kevin is a surface scientist with a Ph.D. in chemistry from Johns Hopkins and an expert beer homebrewer. Craig is a science writer and editor for Chemical & Engineering News with a background in inorganic chemistry who brews kombucha and hard cider. After seeing some fake helium beer videos online, Kevin and Craig got into a discussion about whether it would be possible to do it for real. Their calculations suggested it was feasible, so they gave it a shot. You can read about the results, and get the recipe, at http://cenm.ag/heliumbeer We’ll be back at 12pm ET to answer your questions! Edit - We are here to answer your questions! KW & CB Edit - We are wrapping up. Thanks for all the good questions. We might be back on later to answer more. -KW & CB