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American Chemical Society AMA: My name is Dee Strand, and I am the Chief Scientific Officer at Wildcat Discovery Technologies. Ask me your lithium ion battery questions!
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Hi Reddit! Lithium ion batteries are complex combinations of components that we increasingly depend upon for our phones, our computers, our entertainment, and our vehicles. At Wildcat Discovery Technologies, we apply high throughput/combinatorial research tools and techniques into the discovery and development of materials to improve lithium ion batteries. New active materials can enable lighter, smaller batteries that can provide better range for electric vehicles. Longer lifetime, improved safety, and better wide temperature performance can be achieved through development of new electrolytes. You can read more about our discoveries at www.wildcatdiscovery.com. I have a background in electrochemistry and material science, and having been working on lithium ion battery materials for over 10 years in industrial settings. Tune in to the ACS Webinar on Thursday, 3/10 at 2pm ET to hear more details how your cell phone battery works, and also how it fails. Register for free at http://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/acs-webinars/technology-innovation/batteries.html. I’ll be online from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PST to answer your questions. Ask me anything! EDIT: Hi - I’m live and look forward to answering your questions! DAS EDIT: I am signing off now. What a wonderful discussion I have had with many of you! Thank you so much for all the good questions and comments. Check out our website at www.wildcatdiscovery.com if you want to learn more about our research. Or reach me at LinkedIn if you want to talk more! DAS